One of the best ways to keep fresh content circulating on your website is blogging. The right blogs can give your roofing or construction business a chance to answer frequently asked questions, keep customers in the loop, and show what is coming up in the future. But crafting a blog that is informative & engaging can be a difficult task. No matter the format of the blog, there are four points to keep in mind:


What event occurred that caused you to write this blog post? You might be answering a frequently asked question, or found a faster way to complete a task. Either way, it is crucial to give your audience a enough background so they understand there is a problem that needs to addressed. Without properly setting up the problem or reason you are writing, readers will lose interest and stop reading. It  is difficult to explain a solution to a reader that doesn’t even understand they have a problem in the first place.

Example: Instead of plainly telling your customer that you are offering a new service like tile roofing, try explaining to why you saw a deficiency for this service in your industry.


Remember that problem you just informed the reader they have? You need to let them know how to fix it. This is not your hard call to action, you don’t want to fire to soon and scare the reader off. Educate the reader on the actual process of the solution, and show why solving this problem would make their life so much easier (or what unfortunate things could happen if they don’t solve it).

Example: If you educating customers on your tile roofing services, explain to them why tile roofing systems have such a long lifetime and how can improve a home’s value.


Now that your reader knows there is a solution to their problem, explain how YOUR company is the best option for solving it. What makes your roofing company different than the rest? Do you have certifications or awards in this area? Can you offer a new innovative method? Go ahead and dazzle them – just a bit, you don’t want to blind them. Remember, we are at the beginning of their path to purchase.

Example: Explain how your roofing installation methods are the most current and safe. Explain why your company’s values keep your roofing projects on time and with quality.


The last things you can do for you reader is recap what happened, and send them on their way with an action in mind.  Quickly touch on the problem you started with and how a simple action by the reader can put them on the path to solving it.

This action you want the reader to take can be a wide variety of things. You might want to the reader to simply looking at one of your landing pages, or reading another blog that gives more in depth information about your topic. Receive an award recently? Send them to the press release! “Buy Now” or “Click Here” CTA’s do not perform as well on blogs. Typically, a blog audience is usually not fully ready to convert yet.

Example:  “Learn How Our Tile Roofing System Out-Perform Others Here!” or “Check Out Our Service Areas.”


The most important thing to keep in mind is to leave your reader with a clear and simple action that will take them to next step of their path to purchase, and not to overwhelm them.

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