Best Social Media Channels For Automotive Businesses

In the past, we have been told that social media can help your marketing efforts.

In today’s digital age, we can now say, with confidence, that social media is an integral part of your holistic marketing strategy.

In the automotive industry, it can be difficult to know which social media channels are going to give your business the promotion you are looking for. Art Unlimited is here to help!  Here are our recommendations for the best social media channels to utilize for your automotive business:


Currently, Facebook is THE social media platform to exist on. The business platform for Facebook has the most in-depth metrics, so you can easily track your success. The platform itself allows you to interact with your fans and promote your content.  

Tips for success on Facebook

  • Post consistently – Facebook decides where your post ends up based on an algorithm. Posting on a consistent schedule lets Facebook know you are investing time into their platform.
  • Start a Segment –  Starting a recurring segment is a great way to keep a schedule. You can have segments on just about everything like educational tidbits, employee interviews, before and after projects, etc.
  • Post A Variety – If all your posts are links to your website, your post reach will go down. Facebook is a social platform – so be social, not salsey. Use photos of your employees, articles, videos, and other formats that Facebook allows to spice up your timeline.
  • Use Facebook’s Tools – Facebook has a wide array of tools you can use to create content. They allow you to edit videos and pictures. They allow you to run poll questions, and use emojis. They allow you to broadcast Live and connect with your audience.
  • Use Facebook Albums – When you post a variety of photos, it’s best to organize them in photo albums. This way, when a new user comes to your Facebook page, they can easily digest and navigate your images.
  • Track Success & Adapt – Facebook comes with loads of data in their Insights tab. Determine which metrics are important to track, and document your efforts and their return. Then, adapt, implement, and track again.

Idea: If you are an auto body shop, start yourself an educational segment where you post a video (or Live!) talking or showing something car owners need to know. You can also create a Before and After photo album and show off your craftsmanship and body work skills.


Facebook owns Instagram, but they are very different when it comes to the audience and usability. Both have extreme benefits when it comes to running a business.

Instagram does not allow you to share links. You can post them, but they won’t be clickable. You can, however, have a live link, directions to your location, and contact info on your business Instagram profile.

Here are some tips for running an effective business account on instagram:

  • Set Up A Business Profile – Located in your page settings is an option to convert your page into a business profile. Do this – it activates your data collection and insight metrics so you can track your success. Spend the time to lay out your business profile biography with your industry, address, and relevant business information. It is here you will put a link to your website and you contact credentials. You can also hook your instagram up to your Business Facebook page.
  • Be Even Less Salsey Than Facebook – The reason Instagram became so popular? You  have to upload media in order to post. You cannot post just text detailing your great oil change price. This means Instagram gets all its popularity from its high impact visuals.  Get Your hands on high resolutions images and video. Instagram is perfect for sharing you restoration projects, body work, and engine tutorials.
  • Find Your Hashtag – Instagram has a network of hashtags that categorize posts so new users can find them. So instead of using the hashtag #greatdeal for your services, you’ll need to think of a more precise hashtag that explains what is happening. Like, #allterraintires or #wintertires, or the brand you are using.
  • Engage With Profiles – Instagram, like Facebook, is dictated by an algorithm. Interacting with other profiles, business or personal, will be beneficial. You should comment back to those who tag you, tag manufacturers whose products you love, and encourage your customers to post and tag you.
  • Track Success & Adapt – Facebook implemented their business insights into Instagram. Determine which metrics are important to track, and document your efforts and their return. Then, adapt, implement, and track again.

Idea: Instagram allows you to post inside cards, up to 10 images. This format is extremely useful for before and after images.


Pinterest is also a visual platform. Filled with DIY tutorials and picturesque cars, you’ll have to spend some time practicing your camera skills (or find an employee that can help). The great thing about Pinterest is you don’t have to curate all your content. Pinterest is organized in Boards. You create your boards, and “pin” other people’s content to it.

How to run a Pinterest account for Auto Body Shops:

  • Create A Variety of Boards – Pinterest users cover a surprisingly wide variety of demographics. Moms with minivans, photographers that travel, DIYers that love everything from classic cars to baked goods. You’ll want to create a variety of boards so you can interact with different pools of people. The people that are interested in your motorcycle repair board might have a different interest than your customers that are parents, trying to get an oil change between soccer and baseball.
  • Put In a Description When you Pin – When you find an interesting article you want to pin to a board, you have the option to add a description on the pin. We recommend taking the opportunity to explain why you are sharing it so your customers are aware.
  • Consistently Add To Your Boards –  When you add to your boards, the pins show up in your followers’ feeds. If you don’t pin, they don’t know you exist.
  • Track Success & Adapt –  You’ll want to see how you’re doing within Pinterest and how it’s contributing to your overall marketing. When you add your own pins on Pinterest, include custom UTMs, tack on “Pinterest” and the category to the end of each one, and you’ll be able to tell how many people are visiting your website via your pins in Google Analytics. This will tell you which type of content you should be emphasizing. To track your following within Pinterest, a recommended formula is This Month’s Followers – Last Month’s Followers ÷ Last month’s Followers. You can track the resulting percentage to see what makes your account grow!

Social media can seem like a daunting task to keep up with. We are here to tell you that it is possible to run a successful account! We believe there are huge business advantages for auto shops to explore through the optimization and management of quality social media channels. If you need any help along the way, we’d love to see how we can assist you.