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Have you ever loaded a website and waited and waited for it to load, or received a white page with an “Error Website Not Available” message or “Server Not Responding”?  

Negative Signals

server performanceWhen you see that dreaded white screen it is not only stopping clients from connecting with your businesses but it’s also going to send a negative signal to the search engines regarding your website’s online quality.

Search engines will drop your SEO ranking accordingly.

Server Performance is a Critical SEO Component

In the last 6+ months the Art Unlimited development team has taken a strong look at the performance of a server and it’s affect on a website’s ranking online.  What we found was that a server’s performance is a critical piece of the SEO pie and far to often overlooked.

How We Tested This Fact

To conduct our test we selected 3 server types:

Server A – A shared hosting platform from an international big box company

Server B – A shared platform on a smaller-scaled, more local company

Server C – A managed server platform

We loaded similar size websites on each server to monitor the results.  We also used up-time monitors on the servers to track performance.

What We Learned About Website Performance

Server A:

What we found was that “Server A” relies on customers to engage them regarding outages.  This was extremely frustrating, as some of our clients enjoy managing their own website hosting but were lacking results due to server performance.  At times the “Server A” the big box server was not responding up to 60% of the time with outages every 1-3 minutes.  Granted these outages were 10-15 seconds in duration yet when a search engine pings a website they aren’t going to care as they view the website as “Down”.

Server B:

Server B was a more stable player but also would struggle to respond quickly if traffic increased.

Server C:

This server was by far the strongest player. We were able to monitor the site usage and feed it appropriate levels of bandwidth.  Server C also received on average 10-20% more traffic then server A & B during testing.

Questions to Ask Your Hosting Company

If you are considering hosting your website through a company, consider asking the following questions.

1.) Do you have backup servers?

2.) Do you have up-time monitors and how often are you pinging our website?

3.) Will my website still be visible even if there are server issues?

4.) Are you backing up my website files if there is a server crash?

Learning the answers to these questions will assist you greatly when you are ready to grow your online presence. Maintaining server up-time equals maintaining your online reputation with users and search engines alike.

Better Server, Better Results

In conclusion the power of a strong server is a larger player then most would think.  We have found direct correlation to increased traffic, a longer user engagement period and better SEO results when a faster, stronger server is used.

To learn more about strong online hosting services, contact our team at Art Unlimited.

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