Trying to run a successful resort requires utilizing a plethora of tactics to keep a full house during peak season.  All too often, a no-show or cancellation can cause frustration, anxiety, and inconvenience to three important parties: the resort owner, the resort staff, and the potential guests who would have booked a stay. Since cancellations are an unavoidable facet of the tourism industry, resort owners face one supremely important question: how can I advertise last minute resort openings?

Here are three possibilities:

Option 1: Promote openings on your website homepage

It’s funny, but many resorts do not make cabin openings readily available on their website.  Typically, the course of action for an interested party is as follows:

Website home page

Specific cabin


Select month/day from calendar.

No openings? Repeat as needed.

How tedious.

Instead of making interested parties go through the lengthy process, promote any last-minute openings on the homepage of your website.  With a simple graphic or heading, you can boldly advertise:

Act now to reserve this weekend’s spot in Loon Cabin!”

A second option could include adding an attractive graphic on the homepage (“Check out our last minute openings!”) that links to a page specially dedicated to last minute openings.  This page should be updated whenever new openings are made available.

Note: be sure to remove openings when filled or when the date has passed. Otherwise, this practice is entirely counter-productive.

Option 2: Facebook Ads

Utilizing Facebook ad blasts for a last minute resort opening can help to spread the word far and wide that there are beds available at your resort. These ads have a multiplicity of customization options that make it easy to target certain online visitors.

Maintain a portion of your advertising budget for this type of marketing, paying special attention to overall ad spend. When in doubt, consult a paid advertising specialist who can help you maximize your advertising dollars.

To do this: 

  • Maintain a current, well-developed Facebook page
  • Consider which landing page your ad link will lead to
  • Carefully construct an ad with a tone of urgency and unlimited possibility
  • Monitor results and edit as needed

Option 3: Advertise last minute openings in an email newsletter blast

Utilize your email newsletter subscriber list to advertise any last minute openings in an attractive, attention-grabbing manner.  Newsletters are a great method when targeting personas who have indicated some interest in your resort, but perhaps are not actively searching for travel opportunities.

Combining a last minute opening advertisement along with an applicable coupon or discount should increase the conversion rate of those who are willing to make a spur of the moment decision.

If you have not yet begun an email advertising campaign, now is the time to begin!

Build momentum – and just keep going!

Don’t be timid when it comes to marketing last minute resort openings for your destination location. Instead, boldly invite others to share in the unique experience that only your resort can offer them on their next getaway trip.

Do you have specific resort marketing questions?