Inbound marketing has quickly become the “go-to” method of marketing in the modern world.  Cold calling, direct mail and other traditional marketing channels are increasingly more and more difficult to convert into sales.

Inbound marketing enables businesses to learn the stories behind the customer’s journey. All too often, we look at a new prospect that was generated through an online form or phone call as one of two things: a lead converts or a lead that goes cold.

In actuality, this “lead” is in the process of researching, learning, gathering information and making a well educated choice before they close the deal.  We are constantly developing and re-developing our inbound marketing strategy to bring to the table the tools necessary to create a culture of engagement.

What This Means for Your Resort

resorts and inbound marketing

Resorts sit naturally on the cutting edge of inbound marketing.  Why?  Because the travel industry only thrives if it can offer something unique – something valuable.  Of course, every natural talent can be fine-tuned and developed.  By fine-tuning your inbound marketing, you can engage others and create a carefully thought-out, fun, non-sales-pushy conversion process.

How to Fine-Tune Your Process

The entire process should read like a story line:

1 – Your online visitor is searching for a service – and your offer catches his eye.

2 – The attraction stands out to the point that the visitor decides to take you up on one of your offers – and fills out an online form. 

3 – The follow-up to the form (whether an eBook, travel guide, coupon, etc.) is so well put-together that the visitor realizes you are a great company. He begins to trust you – and proceeds to book a stay at your resort.

4 – Your service is delightful. Your resort stands up to and exceeds the visitor’s expectation.  You have earned his loyalty. He will recommend your services to his family & friends.

So – Attract!

You know what you have to offer, or attract, your customer.  Here’s how to get it the word out:

When we talk about attracting customers, we want to look at the channels available for our audience that will attract attention.


Blogging and feeding quality content is a critical component to creating a well informed future client.

Social Media

Through social media your brand is able to be shouted from the roof tops. Fans are able to comment, share and engage with your company in a very easy to digest platform.  Like sand coming into your kitchen we rarely realize the sand being tracked in until you have visible tracks or dust collecting.  Social Media is much the same as you are slowly engaging the user on a continual basis and slowly over time are able to build a strong bond with the fan.


Through research you are able to select the keywords that your user is using to access solutions or services that your company provides.  Including these keywords into your marketing efforts above you are able to attract additional traffic.


Generating pages with specific content relating to the news and social media content merged with Keywords complete the circle.  These pages are the foundation of the process and bring to light the core solution or service that you offer.

Essentially, attracting a customer means that you are helping a complete stranger move into a visitor that returns for quality information and takes the leap into the “lead conversion” process.

To learn more about lead conversion, read our article: How to Land the Big (Lead) Fish

Art Unlimited believes in building strong relationships that empower our customers – do you?

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Originally published on Oct. 2, 2013.
Information updated on June 11, 2015.

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