5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Yelp For Feedback

Your business is booming but you still need a place for your reviews. Yelp is designed to help people find your awesome local business and connect with you. 28 million users check out local businesses on Yelp just from their phone each month! Those users can leave reviews to try and help others out when they’re looking for a local business to go to. Why else would you need to use Yelp for reviews?

1. People Read Reviews Before Buying

Most consumers read online reviews before purchasing something or using the services provided by a business. Those consumers will feel more confident to buy something when they read about a business with good reviews. Managing your business’s online reputation and what people are saying online is continuing to grow in importance. 

2. Yelp Has A Huge Number of Reviews

Yelp has a huge number of unique users each month and they contribute to the over 214 million, and growing, reviews currently on the platform. 18 percent of reviews are just for restaurants, while home and local services follow closely behind with 17 percent. Yelp also accounts for the largest number of small business reviews. This means there are likely a fair amount of people going there to look for reviews of your business, which are potential leads you could be missing out on if you’re not using Yelp for your reviews.

3. Building Trust

When someone spends their hard-earned money at a business and they get horrible service or aren’t treated fairly, it understandably upsets them. They may then post a negative review of their experience and could cause other customers to turn up their noses. On the flip side of the coin, seeing positive reviews will build trust right away between your business and any potential customers. However, just because a customer sees a negative review doesn’t mean they’ll immediately jump ship to the next competitor. If you take the time to respond to the review and make an effort to make the situation right, potential customers will see you care. This also builds trust.

When you put in the effort to respond to everyone, you’re going to have an edge over your competition. Art Unlimited

4. Ignoring Any Reviews Hurts Your Business

It’s obvious when you ignore a negative review there will probably be repercussions for it. However, ignoring positive reviews also can have an unfavorable outcome. Consumers who see a business responding to all reviews, both positive and negative, are going to have a better outlook on them. These businesses tend to be more popular as it shows they care about all their customers and not just trying to save face because of a one-star review.

You should absolutely respond to the negative reviews to try and get to the root of their problem and do what you can to make it right. You should also reach out and thank those customers who took the time to give your business a good review. This keeps on building a relationship with them and will instill a sense of loyalty to keep them coming back in the future. When you put in the effort to respond to everyone, you’re going to have an edge over your competition.

5. Most People Who Use Yelp Come for the Reviews

When people visit Yelp, they’re mainly going to check out reviews. Nearly two-thirds of visitors go to look at the reviews and see what others think about local businesses. On top of this, many of those visitors tend to make a purchase the same day, or within a week if they’re happy with what they found out about a business. 

Using Yelp and being proactive in managing your reviews is going to help your business thrive. You’ll be able to connect with your customers, build a better image for your business, and just overall draw more people in.

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