GDPR Authorization Form

  • On May, 25th 2018 the European Union passed new regulations for data protection. The regulation is called the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. This regulation is for the European Union citizens at home or living/visiting other countries.

    As your digital partner, we want to ensure your awareness of these regulation changes. Even though the new regulations are in the EU they affect everyone in some way.

    To review your responsibilities we have found this checklist helpful:

    The official website is found here:

    Currently, your website is showing to citizens located in and outside the European Union. To keep your website live for EU citizens you must be compliant with the GDPR or face potential fines.

    All Art Unlimited clients are required to complete this form acknowledging they are GDPR compliant and aware of the GDPR. Art Unlimited is not liable for any GDPR data breaches or lawsuits on your account. Art Unlimited will assist you in becoming digitally GDPR compliant.

    Please choose if you would like to keep your website live and available to EU countries. (please note, this does not lessen your liability if an EU citizen accesses your website outside of the EU).