Currently you have administrative responsibility to your hosting website. With administrative permissions there are a variety of tasks that you are responsible for that we, Art Unlimited, are NOT responsible for. These tasks include adding new users, giving users access or restricting access, FTP account creation and management, security updates such as SSL certificates, domain name changes, host migration for better user experience, setting up email forwarding, DNS management, website backups for maximum uptime, plugin manage and many more tasks.

All of these tasks will effectively change your online presence. You must know that you are in full control of your own website and maintaining its back-end functionality. This means troubleshooting unexpected outages, stopping outside security threats, database corruption and other issues that can keep your website from functioning properly.

You must know that maximum up-time for your website is key to your business’ success. The inability to have a diligent administrator to your website; could result in failed form submissions from users on your site, inaccurate information on your website, and in some cases, blacklisting of your site from search engines.

Admin Access Acknowledgment

  • By filling out this form you are validating your acknowledgment of your website administrative access and you agree to be responsible for the administrative responsibilities outlined above.