Trusted PPC Management Services

Pay Per Click advertising offers an incredible reach to businesses who are interested in amping their marketing strategy to the next level.

A carefully managed PPC campaign by Art Unlimited provides an integrated approach to paid advertising, helping your business to appear in top search engine positions. PPC advertising has the flexibility and ability to promote your company to a targeted clientele while increasing organic search rankings.

Targeted Traffic Generation

The traffic generated through Paid Search enables the marketing team to test keywords and other marketplace variables. Precise tracking and metrics are utilized to determine possibilities of business growth and other opportunities.

100% Customizable Paid Search

Paid search advertising is a multi-faceted platform, easily customized to suit your business needs. Whether you are working with a big budget or one that is very small, a well managed paid search marketing plan is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Contact Art Unlimited for more information about Paid Search.


  • Ad Creation ( Google, Bing & Yahoo )
  • Keyword Research & Targeting
  • Negative Keyword Management
  • Google Analytic Performance Tracking
  • Quality Score Review
  • Landing Page Connection for Ad Optimization
  • Personal Google Rep Review
  • Campaign and Ad Group Creation
  • Campaign and Ad Group Review
  • A & B Ad Testing
  • PPC Reporting Tool
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